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S Drone Strike that killed the man. Unfortunately, his son named Abdulrahman al -Awlaki was also murdered just two weeks after his father because of the U.

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Drone Strike too. Not only that, there was also a specific issue related to the journalism freedom in Yemen that caught the attention of Scahill. In the simple words, there was a Yemeni journalist, Abdulelah Haider Shaye, who has been detained in Yemen for about 34 days and sentenced for 5 years after he made a report about the U.

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Drone Strikes. Besides, there were many believed that he got involved in the Al-Qaeda as he was famous because of his interviews with the important leaders of the organization. In conclusion, those are several things that you have to know about Dirty Wars. Each of them will make you able to see what really happened during the Wars on Terrorism done by the United States of America. There are only bad things that some people try to hide from you forever as they have their own purposes.

Thus, you will see that the wars will never work to create a peaceful world without terrorism. Dirty Wars is one of the most recommended movies that you have to watch. One of the reasons why you have to watch this particular movie is because it can offer you the real story that happened during the wars done by the military and government of the United States of America. Then, you can also find out the various issues and facts that might be covered by some the US government.

Then, you will find that it can really open your eyes and make you have the different and true thoughts related to the wars on terrorism.

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Aside of that, there are several things that you have to consider why it can be a very great movie for you to watch. Well, one of the things that make Dirty Wars a very nice movie to watch is that it is created based on the real report of Jeremy Scahill who traveled to the conflict countries such as Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, and so many more.

He wrote every single detailed things that he experienced during the travel on the book, and then he also tried to bring it when wrote the scenario of the movie. By doing, so, all of the production crew and he can deliver the story of the movie in the most authentic way. In the end, you will feel the more fun and remarkable experiences when you watch the movie.

Moreover, the second thing about this movie that you have to know is that it will show you the dark side of the wars quite clearly. Even, he also tries to interview all the possible sources and sides that get related to the issues, which can be from the survivals to the Senator of United States of America called Ron Wyden. Actually, there are some other issues that he really wants to find out and solve in this movie. Fortunately, you can watch all of his best efforts when you enjoy the movie for sure.

Furthermore, the next thing that you cannot ignore is the awards that it has been received. This specific documentary movie has been acknowledged as one of the most amazing movies that show the notable courage by many movie critics.

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Besides, there are numerous movie reviewer sites, which are like Metacritic, IMBd, and so on, that give the positive reactions. In addition, this movie got nominated for the Academy Awards in for the Best Documentary. In conclusion, those are some reasons why Dirty Wars can be a very great movie that you cannot miss at all.

This magnificent movie will definitely make you have the new thoughts that the wars on terrorism is absolutely different from what you see on television all this time. Thus, you can see the truth that the wars might not solve any problems as it can make everything worse instead. Dirty Wars can be one of the perfect options that you can choose especially if you really want to watch distinctive documentary movie. This remarkable movie will show the interesting story when an American journalist called Jeremy Scahill had his journey to the conflict countries such as Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and so many more.

He really wanted to find out the truth behind the US wars in those countries. So then, you will see that there are so many various issues during the wars that he will expose to the world. Besides, there are several other reasons why you have to watch this movie. Luckily, you can figure them out when you continue reading below.

Well, the first reason why you have to watch Dirty Wars is because it is a kind of the best documentary movie that is created to be as real as what really happened on the battlefield. So then, you can check every single detailed thing in the movie when you read the book which is written by the journalist. So, you will definitely find that this movie can be so authentic for everyone who watches it.

In the other words, you will find that there are so many truths that the military and the government of the United States always try to hide all this time. Then, there are also so many issues that happened during the wars, which can be like the American soldiers from Joint Special Operations Command JSOC who are free from the sentence after killed five not guilty civilians, the threats to the journalists in Yemen, and so on. In this part of the movie, you will see that Scahill will try his best in order to investigate all of the issues. So then, he can make you find the facts that you have never expected before.

In addition to this, Dirty Wars has been recognized by so many movie critics as one of the best documentary movies ever created in the industry. It is all because this movie can show the historical and politic aspect in the name of art awesomely. Even, there are also so many movie reviewer sites that gave their positive perspective and opinions to the movie.

You can prove it as the movie got 7. Next, it was actually won so many international film festivals and got nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Documentary category as well. So, it is so obvious that it is a very good movie that you have to add to your list of the best movies to watch. Do you look for an impressive movie to suit your free time?

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If you do, it is so much recommended for you to watch Dirty Wars. This wonderful film, which is directed by Richard Rowley, was released on January 18th, at the Sundance Film Festival. This particular fact will give you the chance the facts behind the wars in the deeper way for sure.

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Aside of that, there are some other interesting things that you can find out when you watch this film. Then, what are those interesting things? Well, the first interesting thing about Dirty Wars is that the scenario of the film is written by Jeremy Scahill and David Riker. It means that Scahill has written both of the film scenario and the book which were released in the same year. Each of them is made based on the real investigations done by Jeremy Scahill himself. So then, you will definitely find that the film can be so as authentic as what you read on the book.

Then, every single detailed things of the story will be created to be transformed to the scenes in the best way possible without ruining the whole story at all. Furthermore, the second thing that you have to know about the film is will allow you to find out so many various issues of the military and government of the United States of America. One of them that will open your eyes is a specific case where the American soldiers killed three not guilty civilians and two pregnant women in Afghanistan.

Yet, it was very strange because those soldiers are free from any sentences after they had done a terrible mistake.

Then, this one fact makes Scahill get more attracted to investigate this case as both of the government and the military of the United States really want to cover it from the media. Most of the American sites believe that what he did is a kind of terrorism related charge which can be dangerous for the people. Additionally, according Scahill, all of those cases will only increase the radicalism of the Muslims and terrors instead of solving it.

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Moreover, this fabulous film has received so many notable positive critics from many trusted sources such as IMBd, Metacritic, and so many other film lovers and experts. AWEsome blockade of Burghfield bomb factory News. Greenham Common 30 years later Comment. Activism and Unhappiness Comment. Yma o hyd - still here!

Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield

Drones - what's not to like? Come out! We have you surrounded. Black History Month, October Feature. A gun at your head Feature. News in Brief 6. Letters 1. Also in this issue Victory for the second superpower Feature. Now, tell us what you like to read. What's Inside. Reader Reviews. I know of no other journalist who could have written it: For over a decade, Scahill has visited the war zones, overt and covert; interviewed the soldiers, spooks, jihadists, and victims; and seen with his own eyes the fruits of America's bipartisan war fever.

He risked his life many times over to write this book, and the result is a masterpiece of insight, journalism, and true patriotism. It's about drones, but also, more profoundly, about what our government does on our behalf, without our consent, and arguably to our disadvantage. For the next pages, Scahill demonstrates how what we don't know can hurt us - and hurt lots of other people we don't know.

This book is an unbelievable accomplishment.