Manual Metaphor and Entertainment: A Corpus-Based Approach to Language in Chinese Online News

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Quantified Audiences in News Production: A synthesis and research agenda. The Elusive Engagement Metric. Lying press: Three levels of perceived media bias and their relationship with political preferences. Resetting journalism in the aftermath of Brexit and Trump. The risks of practicing journalism in Mexico. Analysis of the coverage of the murder of Javier Valdez according to the approach of peace journalism.

Immersive journalism and the migrant crisis: The case of Exils as a mobile radio reportage. Discursive constructions of the summer refugee crisis: A comparative analysis of French, Dutch, Belgian francophone and British centre-of-right press narratives. European spaces and the Roma: Denaturalizing the naturalized in online reader comments. The spread of true and false news online. Pictures of migration: The invisible shock of misery photographs. Flood disasters in the United Kingdom and India: A critical discourse analysis of media reporting. Waiting for a hypothetical asylum: The photographic coverage of the Maximilian Park in Brussels.

Children in the visual coverage of the European refugee crisis: A case study of the World Press Photo Representation of Syrian refugees in the Turkish media. A critical multimodal analysis of the Romanian press coverage of camp evictions and deportations of the Roma migrants from France. Who wrote this? The role of bylines in news coverage of immigrants and refugees.

Biased media? How news content influences age discrimination claims. Who is the Hero, the Villain, and the Victim? A multi-dimensional approach to disinformation: Report of the independent High level Group on fake news and online disinformation. Libel by Algorithm? Automated Journalism and the Threat of Legal Liability. Online Chinese nationalism: a competing discourse? A discourse analysis of Chinese media texts relating to the Beijing Olympic torch relay in Paris.

Murder in Mexico: are journalists victims of general violence or targeted political violence? Paul R. Hoffman, Justin Collier. Temporal reflexivity in journalism studies: Making sense of change in a more timely fashion. Presentation of CEOs in the media: A framing analysis. All at Once or Bit by Bit? New issue of British Journalism Review published.

Fundamentalist web journalism: Walking a fine line between religious ultra-Orthodoxy and the new media ethos. Sex, death and austerity: resurgent homophobia in the British tabloid press. Social credibility online: The role of online comments in assessing news article credibility. Despite losses, community newspapers still dominate the U. Does Photojournalism Matter? Print newspaper readers more politically active.

Case-based education: A strategy for contextualising journalism curriculum in East Africa. Critical animal and media studies: Expanding the understanding of oppression in communication research. Authority signaling: How relational interactions between journalists and politicians create primary definers in UK broadcast news. Public diplomacy as political communication: Lessons from case studies. An investigative journalist and a stand-up comic walk into a bar: The role of comedy in public engagement with environmental journalism.

Joshua A. Backed into a corner: challenging media and policy representations of youth citizenship in the UK. Audience responses to online video in MENA: New favorite genres or just more of the same as on television? Communication, cognitive processing, and public knowledge about climate change. Counter-surveillance and alternative new media in Turkey. Generalised scepticism: how people navigate news on social media. Newspaper trends in the Nordic countries. Dealing with the mess we made : Unraveling hybridity, normativity, and complexity in journalism studies.

Managing a 21st-century newsroom workforce: A case study of NYC news media. Who Takes the Lead? More bad news: Does the media really impact how the aid sector works? Influence of fake news in Twitter during the US presidential election. What do women really want? The twitterization of journalism: User perceptions of news tweets. News Attention in a Mobile Era. Self-coverage for public interest or self-promotion: How media cross-ownership structures affect news content in South Korea. Listening is not enough: Mistrust and local news in urban and suburban Philly. A crisis by any other name?

The portrayal of lone wolf terror wave in Israel: an unbiased narrative or agenda driven? Public Service News and Social Media. Leaks-based journalism and media scandals: From official sources to the networked Fourth Estate? Stance markers in television news presentation: Expressivity of eyebrow flashes in the delivery of news. Intermedia visual agenda setting Comparing wire service top photo distribution to what makes the front page. Media vs. Democratization or censorship? One name can change many things Influences of mentioning political candidates on network agenda-setting effects in the U.

Advancing agenda building Exploring causal relationships. Location-based news in mobile news apps: Broadcast leads in geolocated news content, newspapers lag behind. Feminist commentary by women a whisper among op-ed voices. Collaboration and the creation of a new journalism commons. Colombian portrayals of the Iraq war: The views of the national newspaper El Tiempo. Journalism in the age of hybridization: Los vagabundos de la chatarra — comics journalism, data, maps and advocacy.

Journalism as a field of discursive production — performativity, form and style. Building the journalistic paradigm: Beyond paradigm repair. Reinventing the business model for local newspapers by building walls. Failure and understanding-with in entrepreneurial journalism. Women in Israeli journalism: forwards and backwards. Local TV news and the new media landscape. Institutional limits to service dominant logic and servitisation in innovation efforts in newspapers. Which bedrock in a sea of change? Political elites and journalistic practices in India: A case of institutionalized heteronomy.

The Hyperlinked Scandinavian News Ecology The unequal terms forged by the structural properties of digitalisation. News audience fragmentation in the Japanese Twittersphere. The construction of political journalism: A microanalytic approach. Exclusionary visual depiction of disabled persons in Malaysian news photographs. Bypassing the press gallery: from Howard to Hanson. Is Facebook Making Us Dumber? The Samsung—Apple patent war: Socio-cultural comparative study of news frames in a business conflict issue.

Politics and the media in Australia and the United Kingdom: parallels and contrasts. Ethics in the News, Trust in Ethical Journalism. Simply waltzing on? Reflections on the performance of the Canberra Press Gallery in an era of prime-ministerial instability. Online distant witnessing and live-streaming activism: Emerging differences in the activation of networked publics. Compositional representation CoDa of the Agenda-setting of the political opinion makers in the main Spanish media groups in the general election.

Remaining challenges for digital newspapers regarding informative updates: case studies in the Spanish media. Failing to Prepare? Very polarised news media and high-level distrust of news in Turkey. Convergence and de-convergence of Chinese journalistic practice in the digital age. The Great Barrier Reef: News media, policy and the politics of protection. Broadening Exposure to Climate Change News? Have They Got News for Us?

Engagement with news on Twitter: insights from Australia and Korea. Partisan follow-ups Editorial slant among newspapers during the Japanese Upper House election. Proposal for a new media agreement in Denmark summary in English. Teaching Data Journalism in New Zealand. Coming out: The role of journalism in social exclusion of LGB people. Do tabloids poison the well of social media? Explaining democratically dysfunctional news sharing. From Liberal to Polarized Liberal? Translating the news in China: the evolution of Reference News and its future in a digital news landscape. The Digital Transition of Local News.

Struggles for Visibility Surveillance representations and self-representations of terrorists in the news media. Visualizing the solution: An analysis of the images that accompany solutions-oriented news stories. The decline in orally negotiated news: Revisiting again the role of technology in reporting. Threatening criminals and marginalized individuals: Frames and news conventions in reporting of radicalization and violent extremism.

Corpus Linguistics: The Basics

Approximately Informed, Occasionally Monitorial? Reconsidering Normative Citizen Ideals. Commercialization in the Icelandic Press: An analysis of hard and soft news in major print and online media in Iceland in times of change. All forest, no trees? Data journalism and the construction of abstract categories. Data Journalism Teaching, Fast and Slow. The Issue Takes It All? Incidental news exposure and news engagement on Facebook. Impact as driving force of journalistic and social change. Shedding light on the dark social: The connective role of news and journalism in social media communities.

User comments across platforms and journalistic genres. What press regulation can learn from the courts. The court and the camera: should privacy be a concern in court reporting? Sharing and Discussing News in Private Social Media Groups The social function of news and current affairs in location-based, work-oriented and leisure-focused communities. The Rise of Interpretive Journalism Belgian newspaper coverage, — Updating citizenship? The effects of digital media use on citizenship understanding and political participation.

Automation and adaptationz Reshaping journalistic labor in the newsroom library. Environmental Images in Indian Newspapers. Declaring the Value of Truth Progressive-era lessons for combatting fake news. Two experiments with multifaceted results. Placing Constructive Journalism in Context. Constructive journalism: Proponents, precedents, and principles.

The hidden side of news diffusion: Understanding online news sharing as an interpersonal behavior. Emotional storytelling: Sensational media and the creation of the HIV sexual predator. From air pollution to airing pollution news: multi-layer analysis of the representation of environmental news in Iranian newspapers. How to unring the bell: A meta-analytic approach to correction of misinformation.

User profiling in audio description reception studies: questionnaires for all

Framing social conflicts in news coverage and social media: A multicountry comparative study. Fusion cuisine: A functional approach to interdisciplinary cooking in journalism studies. The Ukraine conflict and the European media: A comparative study of newspapers in 13 European countries. Searching for Alternative Facts. Cheaper than a goat: U. The effect of oil prices on the media agenda: A model of agenda building. Framing of same-sex marriage over 17 years in two newspapers is linked to ideology especially in election years.

Trade marks, newspapers and reading publics. Fragility of strong media effects in authoritarian environment Evidence from Russia. The end of pan-Arab media? National, transnational media and identity in Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan after Blurring boundaries: Exploring tweets as a legitimate journalism artifact. The Constructive Role of Journalism Contentious metadiscourse on constructive journalism and solutions journalism.

Comparing and contrasting corrected errors at four newspapers. Hubs for innovation: Examining the effects of consolidated news design on quality.

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Constructive Comments? Designing an online debate system for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Media Coverage and Public Approval of the U. Supreme Court. The Great Bridge of China? Fitting It All In? Journalism and Mass Communication Programs.

The de-emphasis of sampling error in coverage of presidential approval ratings. Melodramatic animation in crime news and news information learning. Constructive journalism: Concepts, practices, and discourses. Framing Ferguson: The interplay of advocacy and journalistic frames in local and national newspaper coverage of Michael Brown. Finding the news and mapping the links: a case study of hypertextuality in Dutch-language health news websites. Editorial Representations of the National Standards Education Policy Populism, the journalistic identity and the citizen-consumer.

Digital Transitions The evolving corporate frameworks of legacy newspaper publishers. Elements of constructive journalism: Characteristics, practical application and audience valuation. Ranking News-Quality Multimedia. Emotional News, Emotional Counterpublic Unraveling the construction of fear in Chinese diasporic community online. Translation of attribution and news credibility. Teaching news literacy to children with digital games. Objectivity, advocacy, and critical pedagogy in the race, gender, and media classroom: Individual, interpersonal, and structural tensions and recommendations. Journalist social media practice in China: A review and synthesis.

Elevated Influences The construction of journalistic identities at a city magazine. Conditional Autonomy Journalistic practice in the tension field between professionalism and managerialism. Red state, purple town: Polarized communities and local journalism in rural and small-town Kentucky. Scanning the shape of journalism—Emerging trends, changing culture? Commercial Pressures in Spanish Newsrooms Between love, struggle and resistance. Populism in Online Election Coverage Analyzing populist statements by politicians, journalists, and readers in three countries.

Separation or integration of journalistic and business responsibilities? Corporate responsibility in Finnish media companies. Political journalism and the one-stop shop: Legacy news organisations' online coverage of the Australian federal and US presidential elections. Stories that walk with you: Opportunities in locative audio for feature journalism. Collaboration on a national scale: Journalism educators, students and the Australian federal election.

Working with media to prevent violence against women - the uncovered intervention. Media literacy: A growing collaborative effort in the age of platforms. Virtual reality journalism: Ethics, grammar and the state of play. Project safe space: Wise practice in journalism education for advocacy and social change.

The shadow other: Representations of the Manus Island riots in two Australian newspapers. News People. The discursive construction of journalistic authority in a post-truth age. Commenters as political actors infringing on the field of journalism. A Matter of Trust Plagiarism, fake sources and paradigm repair in the Danish news media. Truth is What Happens to News On journalism, fake news, and post-truth. The Self-Censorship Dilemma Media coverage of terrorists in the post-factual era.

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Nothing But the Facts? Exploring the discursive space for storytelling and truth-seeking in journalism. Sleeper effect from below: Long-term effects of source credibility and user comments on the persuasiveness of news articles. Negotiating Uncertain Claims Journalism as an inferential community. Transparency to the Rescue?

Back to the Future How UK-based news organisations are rediscovering objectivity. Measuring and Evaluating Reciprocal Journalism as a Concept. Who shapes the news? Who has a say in political news? An analysis of sourcing trends in the Chilean quality press. In the Margins of Journalism Gender and livelihood among local ex- journalists in Sweden. A comparison of professional versus citizen journalistic roles Views from visual journalists. Logics in social media news making: How social media editors marry the Facebook logic with journalistic standards.

The journalism of Gannett Blog: Revealing communities of practice and social construction through collective dynamics. Journalism meets games: Newsgames as a new digital genre. Theory, boundaries, utilization. Teaching vicarious trauma in the journalism classroom: An examination of educational provision in UK universities. Cracking the coding ceiling: Looking at gender construction in data journalism from a field theory perspective.

They never made it to the end: Reader uses of a multimedia narrative. Results of framing in music journalism: Benefits and burdens of being designated heir to a cultural icon. Press councils as a traditional instrument of media self-regulation: The perceptions of European journalists. Press of the German Minority in Poland in New Rules for an Old Game? Hegemonic media and inequality in Brazil. An exploratory study to conceptualize press engagement behavior with public relations practitioners.

A case study of behaviour and self-presentation. Cornerstones in Journalism According to citizens. Fact-checkers as Entrepreneurs Scalability and sustainability for a new form of watchdog journalism. Upholding the 4th estate—exploring the corporate governance of the media ownership form of business foundations. A media framing analysis of a U. Network News Fact Sheet. Cable News Fact Sheet. Media frames and public perceptions of global poverty in the UK: Is there a link? Why do we click? Investigating reasons for user selection on a news aggregator website.

Personalization 2. Citizen media practices at the digital startup Mvslim. Why have few journalists been prosecuted for incitement to war crimes? Narratives of natural disaster survivors in Indonesian media. Coverage of extreme weather events and natural hazards in Pacific Island Countries The need for media capacity-building.

A tale of two statues Contemporary conflict reporting constraints and the Battle of Baghdad. Women newspaper editors in NZ: Short term love affair. Backpack reporting of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines Implications of convergent technologies on disaster journalism. Bearing Witness Fake news as an informational moral panic: the symbolic deviancy of social media during the US presidential election. Excavating Concepts of Broadcasting Developing a method of cultural research using digitized historical periodicals.

If it Bleeds it Leads Coverage of violence against women and sexual and reproductive health in Argentina from to Public service media online, advertising and the third-party user data business A trade versus trust dilemma?

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Examining the effects of news coverage linking undocumented immigrants with criminality: Policy and punitive implications. Gilbert K. Do digital platforms really make a difference in content? Mapping journalistic role performance in Chilean print and online news. Framing the war in the post war era: Exploring the counter-narratives in frames of an Iranian war photographer thirty years after the ceasefire with Iraq.

Blunders, Scandals, and Strategic Communication in U. Proximity and distance in the mediation of suffering: Local photographers in war-torn Aleppo and the international media circuit. Disseminating information or advocating peace? Digitally Empowered New patterns of sourcing and expertise in cultural journalism and criticism. Where populist citizens get the news: An investigation of news audience polarization along populist attitudes in 11 countries. Journalism as Multichannel Communication A newsroom survey on the multiple uses of social media.

How to measure generalized trust in news media? An adaptation and test of scales. Simply Bells and Whistles? The cultural journalist around the globe: A comparative study of characteristics, role perceptions, and perceived influences. About introvert incumbents and extravert start-ups: An exploration of the dialectics of collaborative innovation in the Dutch journalism field. Passing for poor: the construction of poverty and race in immersion journalism. Understanding encountering of story leads: A case of newspaper reporting behavior at Midwestern metropolitan-area newspapers.

Have You Heard? The Promise of the Transparency Culture A comparative study of access to public data in Spanish and Swedish newsrooms. A Step Forward? Exploring the diffusion of data journalism as journalistic innovations in China. Using public opinion to serve journalistic narratives: Rethinking vox pops and live two-way reporting in five UK election campaigns — Hybrid salience: Examining the role of traditional and digital media in the rise of the Greek radical left.

Representations of Trans People in Swedish Newspapers. New issue of British Journalism Review. Peace journalism on a shoestring? Rape in the news: on rape genres in Swedish news coverage. The case for IVR-based citizen journalism in Pakistan.

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Toy department within the toy department? Online sports journalists and professional legitimacy. Intention work: The scope of journalistic interpretation of political speech acts. Selective attention in the news feed: An eye-tracking study on the perception and selection of political news posts on Facebook.

Challenging Journalistic Authority Media criticism in far-right alternative media. Should we Keep this Quiet? Print Media and Child Marriage in Nigeria. The journalist as the audience: Evaluating the U. Mapping the emotional labor and work of visual journalism. Reporting from the Frontline The war correspondents in the Balkan Wars — Explicating factual and subjective science knowledge: knowledge as a mediator of news attention and attitudes. A new sporting horizon: a content analysis of Super Netball newspaper coverage. The virtuous cycle of news sharing on Facebook: Effects of platform affordances and journalistic routines on news sharing.

Politics, power, and performativity in the newsroom: an ethnography of television journalism in Turkey. News in social media and messaging apps. Neighborhood Press and Immigration A frame-building analysis of the depiction of immigrants. Conceptual and empirical examinations of the global, cosmopolitan and parochial conceptualization of journalism.

Journalism Reconfigured Assessing human—machine relations and the autonomous power of automation in news production. The role of self-reports in the study of news production. Borderline journalism: Why do journalists accept and justify questionable practices that establish scandals? A quantitative survey. Exploring the boundaries of journalism: Instagram micro-bloggers in the twilight zone of lifestyle journalism. Personality and online news commenting behaviours: uncovering the characteristics of those below the line.

Which Journalists for Which Democracy? Liberal-representative, deliberative and participatory roles among Austrian journalists. The conferral of value: the role of reporting processes in the assessment of culture. In Search of America Topic modelling nineteenth-century newspaper archives. Digital Innovation During Terror and Crises. Believing false political headlines and discrediting truthful political headlines: The interaction between news source trust and news content expectancy.

Agenda-Setting Theory in the U. Fears, hopes and the politics of time-space: The media frames of Japan in the Chinese People's Daily. Employing Perceptual-Learning Research in Journalism and Communication Immediate and delayed effects of a perceptual-learning module on AP editing accuracy. News brand attribution in distributed environments: Do people know where they get their news? Aggression in news comments: how context and article topic shape user-generated content.

The Conflict between Journalists and the Constitution of in Egypt. Machine Authorship In Situ Effect of news organization and news genre on news credibility. News media literacy, perceptions of bias, and interpretation of news. Defying transparency: Ghostwriting from the Jazz Age to social media. Censorship and Suppression of the Irish Provincial Press, — Looking for community in community news: An examination of public-spirited content in online local news sites.

Magic words or talking point? Media ownership and market structures: banes of news media sustainability in Nigeria? Fragmentation in high-choice media environments from a micro-perspective: Effects of selective exposure on issue diversity in individual repertoires. Morphology and typology of China correspondents: A habitus-based approach. From confrontations to civil liberties: Newspaper photo framing of police brutality and riots in Los Angeles and Ferguson, Missouri Political TV interviews in Austria — — Structures and strategies through times of substantial change in media and politics.

A corpus-driven analysis of representations of Syrian asylum seekers in the Turkish press — Interaction and Influence on Twitter Comparing the discourse relationships between user types on five topics. Assessing the consumer-based brand equity of news media firms: a new validated scale. An attention economy trap? Lack of trust in the news media, institutional weakness, and relational journalism as a potential way forward. Who Drives the Agenda: Media or Parties? Exposure to news about the South China Sea, nationalism, and government evaluation: examining the mediation roles of third-person effects and online discussion.

Midterm Elections. Payday loans in the press: a discourse-mythological analysis of British newspaper coverage of the payday loan industry. The End of Ombudsmen? The social silos of journalism? Twitter, news media and partisan segregation. Creating a Critical Civic Consciousness Reporting local government in the nineteenth century provincial press. The impact of newspaper reports on fear of violent crime in Hong Kong. Participatory spaces in online media: Half-opening the gates to users. Remaining close to home: Small daily newspapers provide mostly hyperlocal election news during elections.

Competitive pressure and profitability of newspaper publishing in 12 European countries. Taking it from the team: Assessments of bias and credibility in team-operated sports media. The Panama and Paradise Papers. The Rise of a Global Fourth Estate. What Drives Populist Styles? The roles and functions of opinion journalists. News publishing across platforms: Gatekeeping for print, web, Facebook and Twitter. Perceptions and realities: The main sources of information for non-Muslim Australians about the religion of Islam and Muslim people.

Not bloke-ified enough? Women journalists, supermarket industry and the debate on sugar in the British press New media clues and old journalistic habits: Representing the refugees in Romanian media. Reinforcing attitudes in a gatewatching news era: Individual-level antecedents to sharing fact-checks on social media. Who is Addressed in this Comment? Changing objective: Re-examining the Journalist and the Murderer.

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Social media and connective journalism: The formation of counterpublics and youth civic participation. Comparing legacy media responses to the changing business of news: Cross-national similarities and differences across media types. Data Journalism Sustainability An outlook on the future of data-driven reporting. Hyperlocal News And Media Accountability. The Networked Freelancer? Digital labour and freelance journalism in the age of social media.

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