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But why are we seeing this politicized and flaming the flames for doing away with the 2 nd Amendment — again? The politicians obviously think they should? I ask this rhetorically, of course.

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What about the shooting in Dayton, Ohio? That was a person that had mental problems.

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As a former cop, I appreciate the quick response those officers did. Politicians are trying to outlaw the AR and claim it is a military rifle and should not be available publically. What are your thoughts on that? In Great Britain and elsewhere, they have very, very strict laws on gun control.

It is the evil in the person! Simply because we do not believe like they do! Your organization has started a campaign to put an end to those gun free zones? How is that being received?

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Mark, I thank you for taking the time to join us today. If someone wanted to get in touch with you, to ask a question, to get involved with your organization or maybe to do an interview such as this.

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How can they do that? How can they get in touch with you? Folks, our rights as a freedom loving nation are under attack.


They are under attack by those who want us to become a socialist nation. This is the same thinking we fought the Revolutionary War about. We need to support organizations like Mark Edwards in order to protect the future of our nation. Access the Armed America Radio Archives by clicking here.

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In November of just two weeks after the birth of his daughter, Mark found himself the secondary intended victim of an apparent carjacking attempt while stopped at a traffic light on E. Fletcher Ave. Luckily on that November morning he was carrying his Glock 36, 45 caliber handgun. When the criminals, both of them, found themselves unable to get into the vehicle stopped just off of his left bumper, they turned their attention towards him.

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Watching the frightening events unfold in front of him and happening at a frantic pace, Mark un-holstered his weapon and leveled his 45 at the criminal standing just feet away from him and approaching his vehicle. When confronted with a gun pointed directly at his chest and without having to squeeze the trigger, the closest attacker waved off his partner and both men retreated to their vehicle and fled the scene. His letters and opinions appeared many times in the Tampa Tribune over the years countering the anti-gun views of a local anti-gun crusader.

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Mark is the co-author of two critically acclaimed books. His first, Lessons from Armed America, co-written with Kathy Jackson foreword by Massad Ayoob , was released in October by Whitefeather Press to great reviews and highlights the stories of those who found found themselves the victims of violent crime and either used a gun or wished they had one when they needed it most, including his own story.

Written in groundbreaking format, Mark told the story of the frightening events of true crime which his co-author followed with critical analysis. His second book, Lessons from Unarmed America written in the same format with famed trainer and self-defense expert Rob Pincus includes a foreword by rock star and activist Ted Nugent. Both national radio shows have broken new ground in the world of talk radio by bringing significant exposure to the plights of Americans right to self-defense.