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That move also decreased its median reader age from 47 to 30, indicating the brand is looking to capture more Millennial readers.

Starting in March 2016, Playboy Mags Will No Longer Feature Nude Photos

Of course, a big chunk of revenue for Playboy Enterprises is in licensing, which includes international editions. The company tells Folio: sister title min that some international editions will continue to publish nudity in their respective issues.

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Cooper Hefner at the same time posted an essay updating "the Playboy philosophy" which had been espoused by his father, who is now And this is the ultimate irony, given that sex is figuratively the big bang behind your existence, my existence, all of conscious existence and civilization itself. Playboy stopped publishing nude images starting with its March edition, as part of an effort to broaden its audience both online and in print. The magazine's circulation had fallen sharply at a time when pornography and sexual content flourished online.

Monday's announcement marks a new rebranding -- which also removes "Entertainment for Men" from its covers. The new issue also features an essay," Free the Nipple" by actress Scarlett Byrne, who appears in a pictorial and, according to Playboy, writes "about the importance of owning female sexuality and the double standards that still exist between women and men. The first edition featured a centerfold a word we wouldn't even have without him!

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There sure is. The former harkened back to Mary Pickford, courtship, a-settin' on the velveteen settee. The latter is someone you play with. It's fun, but it's not forever. The genius of Playboy was not that it published naked young ladies.

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  7. There were other ways to get your grubby paws on those pictures even then. As Time noted in a cover story on Hefner at the height of his career—, when his magazine was selling 7 million copies a month—"He took the old-fashioned, shame-thumbed girlie magazine, stripped off the plain wrapper, added gloss, class and culture.

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    As its subscriber base grew, so did Playboy 's reputation as a purveyor of taste. Its interviews were so candid and surprising that they often made news, as when Jimmy Carter admitted that he had "lusted in his heart" or Martin Luther King Jr.

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    So, yes, you really could read Playboy just for the articles. Did you? The writing not only provided gentlemen with an excuse to subscribe, it helped change the entire perception of nonmarital sex, from dark, dirty doings with prostitutes to a sophisticated pastime men pursued with willing women of their own class. This, of course, required willing women.

    A Peek into the First Non-Nude Playboy Magazine - March Issue |

    And that required a revolution. Hefner himself has said he was a feminist before it was cool. Exactly how feminist is a question for the gender studies classes. Sure, he "objectified" women's bodies.

    Dree Hemingway Is Our March 2016 Playmate

    But he also supported birth control he had to , premarital sex ditto , and sexual pleasure for both partners why not? He got behind the Equal Rights Amendment, and he clearly believed in women in the workforce—he hired hundreds of them to be bunnies. Ironically, one thing he did not seem to like was real, earthy sexiness. Peter Bloch, a former editor at Penthouse , recalls getting Playboy every month, "opening it up with great anticipation and always being disappointed. Because the girls were very cute, but they were photoshopped and in weird poses. Any woman I saw walking down the street seemed more sexy.

    It's possible that's because Hefner wasn't really selling sex. He was selling lifestyle.