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Contact us today for more information about the benefits of plastics and the activities of PlasticsEurope. Home About Plastics What are plastics How plastics are made. How plastics are made Plastics are made from natural materials such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and crude oil through a polymerisation or polycondensation process.

Kinetic Modeling and Optimization of Polymerization Reactions

There are many different types of plastics, and they can be grouped into two main polymer families: Thermoplastics which soften on heating and then harden again on cooling. Thermosets which never soften once they have been moulded. Rosen, Material and Energy Balance Computations ,1st ed. Mellichamp, Reversible polycondensation in a semibatch reactor, Chem. Ault and D. Mellichamp, Complex linear polycondensation-I. Semi-batch reactor, Chem. Hoftyzer and D. Mellichamp, A diffusion and reaction model for simple polycondensa-tion, Chem. Gupta, N. Agarwalla, and A. Kumar, Mass transfer effects in polycondensation reactors wherein functional groups are not equally reactive, J.

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Poly­mer­iza­tion re­ac­tion

Lightfoot, Transport Phenomena ,1st ed. Hamer, Ph. Mashelkar, Modeling of poly ethylene terephthalate reactors: 6: A continuous process for final stages of polycondensation, Polym. Gupta, A. Kumar, and K.

Poly­con­den­sa­tion re­ac­tion

Gupta, S. Rao, R. Agarwal, and A.

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Doraiswamy, Ed. Nagasubramanian and H. Reimschuessel, Diffusion of water and caprolactam in nylon 6 melts, J. Mickley, T.

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1st Edition

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Mellichamp, Complex linear polycondensation II. Polymerization rate enhancement in thick film reactors, Chem. Kumar, and A.

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Kumar, S. Madan, N. Shah, and S. Gupta, Solution of final stages of polyethylene terephthalate reactors using orthogonal collocation technique, Polym. Ghosh, S. Gupta, and A.

Condensation Polymerisation & Examples

Kumar, Analysis of wiped-film reactors using the orthogonal collocation technique, J. Kajiya, An effect of reduced pressure on the formation of poly ethylene terephthalate , J. Jpn Petrol Inst. Try again?

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Cited by. Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Supplementary information PDF K. Article type: Paper. DOI: Download Citation: Polym. Microwave-assisted Diels—Alder polycondensation of proton conducting poly phenylene s M. Adamski, T. Skalski, S.

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