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I think at last count Renn has personally hand built over of these fine boats and the design evolution is evidence of this man's quest for the perfect offshore fishing skiff.

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A comprehensive look at the design and construction of small, traditional, wooden craft. Traditional wood construction with additional surveys of plywood, wood-epoxy, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and other boatbuilding methods. If you are building a boat in either steel or fiberglass then you will find this book is invaluable. Bruce Roberts-Goodson has over thirty years experience in the marine industry.

The strength of this book is the advice. He's "been there and done that".

Even if you aren't building with that in mind, read his book for the ideas. If you can't follow this you best give up and buy a ranch in Nebraska. George Buehler Publications, I admit it; Gail and I are RVers, and have been for some years now. There's alot of similarities between the RV world and the cruising boat world, even sharing some of the same jargon; things like "dinghy", or "shore power".

This book was written by both of us. And rather than simply rephrase the Trailer Life "heavies" out there, it takes a different tack.

The emphasis is on "normal" income folks who want to go cruisin', and what's involved. Click here to see some photos of the Panama Canal Trip! Go for a Video Walk-Thru Tour! She's surrounded by a few of her cruising relatives, ANY which could be stripped down for fishin' if it was a different day and age They all share that wonderful tradition of fuel efficiency and seaworthiness.

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Read The Troller Yacht Book for more about that! Box , Freeland, WA Telephone If the above link doesn't "click" please copy and paste the address into your email address line! The original Diesel Duck 48 photo by Bob Lane. She's currently in Sicily, and after 7 years of cruising, is for sale. A Seahorse at sea. Click HERE to see more of what is being developed. Her plans are available free in the first edition of Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding or of course I sell large scale ones too quite reasonably.

This one was build in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia, I forget. They modified my house design some but she still looks fine. Cruise Report from The High Seas!

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Brief History. The "Troller Yacht" Concept.

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What's in a set of plans? The "Back-up" Sail Plan.